Roberto Carella was born in Munich (Germany) in September 1991. He spent his childhood first in Italy, then in the italian part of Switzerland.
Already at a very early age he started hitting on Pans (Snare) and carton boxes (Bassdrum) outside the house and begged his parents daily to gift him with a drumset. Finally, on his tenth birthday Roberto had his first drum lesson. From that day on he knew he wanted to become drummer.

His talent was recognized by many soon after. At school he played in various local bands and held numerous concerts throughout Europe as the Lead Drummer of the Big Band, Choir and Orchestra.

Today Roberto is three times Winner of Switzerland´s Drumming Competition and one of the most demanded swiss Live-and Studio- Drummer. His breakthrough happened in 2012. Roberto Carella joined the band for «Deutschland sucht den Superstar» TV-Show Winner Luca Hänni and toured extensively throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland for two years. After his successful career start, he continued working with countless internationally acclaimed artists such as:

Michael Grimm (America's Got Talent Winner) / Johannes Oerding / Luca Hänni (Deutschland sucht den Superstar Winner) / Seat Music Session / Laith Al Deen / Trauffer / Eliane Müller / John Gailo / Shayna Steele / Anna Känzig / Ira May / Adrian Stern / Tanja Dankner / Damian Lynn / Levin / Leona Phillipo / Nickless / Nina Attal / Jan Oliver / Dabu Fantastic / Phil Dankner / Laskaar / Baschi / Damien Wicks / Marina Ortega / Beatrice Egli / KIU / Torp / Noah Veraguth / Marc Amacher (The Voice Germany) / The Open Mic Show (Plaza) / Jontsch & Friends Show / Jen Dale / Dodo / Lions Head / Patric Scott / Jo Elle / Bee Johnson / Jas Crew / Maurice Polo / Brandy Butler / Jesse Ritch / ND Turn / Martina Linn / Charles Simmons / Deborah Lee … and many more.

In 2015 he was asked to represent his university at the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) in Lisbon (Portugal), playing and collaborating with the most talented young musicians from all around the world. In 2016 he played a unique concert with the Swiss Youth Orchestra alongside with the legendary drummer Billy Cobham. Parallel to countless concerts in Switzerland and throughout Europe, he concluded his “Master of Arts in Jazz” at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in January 2017.

Roberto Carella is mostly known for musical versatility and for his very passionate, groovy and precise playing.