Ivan Cristiano up in Miratejo, a peripheral neighborhood of Almada and it was also in that part of the city (in the beginning of the 90's), where his musical life began. It was in the middle of the appogee of Rap music in Portugal and his first approach to drums was as Beat Boxer. At that time Ivan played alongside artists such as General D, Black Company and Machine Gun Poetry.

However, playing beat box was not enough and quite soon Ivan decided to try the drums set. It became his passion embarking on several projects like, Mindsnare, Bloodshed, Sirius, Lovedstone, Plastic, Manga, The Lithium and finally he got the call for UHF (1999) whose drummer he still is.

2000-António Manuel Ribeiro "Sierra Maestra"
2003-António Manuel Ribeiro "Somos nós quem vai ganhar"
2003-UHF "Sou Benfica, as canções de águia"
2003-UHF "Harley jacK" EP
2003-UHF "La pop end rock"
2004-UHF "Podia ser natal" EP
2005-UHF "Há rock no cais"
2007-UHF "Canções prometidas Raridade vol. I,II"
2008-Pó Descrer "Amorexia"
2009-ACR Trio
2009-UHF "Absolutamente ao vivo" CD E DVD
2009-UHF "Eu sou Benfica"
2009-UHF "Caloira bonita"
2010-Portugal Acústico
2010-UHF "Porquê"
2012-UHF "Ao norte"
2012-UHF "Canções prometidas" vol III
2013-UHF "A minha geração"
2014-Pedro e os lobos "Num mundo quase perfeito"
2014-UHF "Duas noites em Dezembro"
2016-UHF "O melhor de 300 canções"