Marko Lazarić was born in in Lovran Croatia on 26th of February 1975.

He started playing the drums at age of 6 with the Lovran Brass Orchestra. Professional career he started in 1996. Two years later he joins the ”Elvis Stanic Group” and finished Berkley Summer School in Peruga (Italy). As a member of a famous fusion ensemble he played until his departure to study at the ‘LA Music Academy’ in 2005.

On his return to Croatia he joins the Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra as a full time member where he has played various jazz styles and he has taken part in studio recordings, concerts and prime time TV shows including Dancing with the stars etc.

Voted six times as the best drummer by Croatian Musicians Union either for Jazz or Pop-rock music styles.

Performed on many Jazz festivals all over Croatia and Europe including the Montreux Jazz Festival. Marko shared the stage with some of the Jazz greats and various Pop artists in the region.

He has participated more than 50 records, of which many of them were awarded with Croatian Music Award ‘PORIN’.

In 2011 he released a debut album of his fusion band ‘Hologram’, which was also awarded with ‘PORIN’ for the best Jazz composition.

Currently Marko is working with Tony Cetinski, the biggest pop star in Croatia and in the region. Marko is also active within the Croatian music scene playing drums and percussion with many expanding artists, bands and musicians.