Emiliano Turi was born to a father drummer in Roma in 1977. He naturally began to practice the drums at the age of 4.

As a kid, it was primarily a game just for fun that captures his interest but beware… the curiosity & the importance that the toddler showed for this instrument suggested his instrumental capacities that he aimed to develop with passion in the years to come. He spent hours enthusiastically drumming & indulging a massive amount of music, constantly thinking over the tunes & the diversity of rhythms.

At first, he gained experience by playing over the vinyls picked on the shelves of the familial collection of records such as Jimi Hendrix, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson under his dad’s watcheful eyes. Emiliano’s ten & started drums lessons.

Six years later, he moved to Paris with his family & integrates Dante Agostini’s school from where he was graduated a few years later with a 1st prize. In parallel to his studies, he met with a lot of musicians & landed his first contracts in the Jazz & the French music scene.

In 2000, after a year attending the classes of the very charismatic Gorges Pacczynski , he integrated the prestigious Jazz class at the French National Superior Music Conservatory where he had the opportunity to work with some internationally recognized musicians such as Steve Lacy, Joe Barron, Daniel Humair, Glenn Ferris, Enrico Rava…

While assimilating the vivid Jazz heritage thanks to his studies, Emiliano Turi carried on working in the French music scene & in 2003 the course of his career definitely changes when he was hired by “Eiffel” (Virgin) the French rock band for a one year & a half tour. As a member of the band until 2006, he recorded two albums & joined the band for two French tours including more than a hundred gigs & numerous T.V appearances.

From that time on at the age of 26 his professional life had really taken off.

In 2006, he’s hired by the French singer Jeanne Cheral (Universal Music) for a one year tour, that included a hundred gigs between France, Canada, Switzerland & Belgium. His sideman status is confirmed in 2008 as he’s hired by the Malian singer “Rockia Traore” for another international tour that’ll see him hitting the roads of the US, Canada, the UK, Marocco, Mali, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia & New Zealand.

It was also a nice occasion to experience some of the most notorious T.V sets all around the globe such as “Later with Jools Holland”.

Around the same time, he met with Fred Pallem, one of the most important French arranger of his generation with whom he initiated a close collaboration. Emiliano Turi plays on several albums with the greatest names of French Pop music: M, Olivia Ruiz, Daniel Darc, Lio…

Between 2010 & 2011 still in collaboration with Fred Pallem, he opened his own recording studio where he worked as a drummer but also as a producer on several pop albums & soundtracks as well. He produced the album of the singer “Ornette” including the remix of the hit “Crazy” that has reached until this day more than a million views on YouTube.

It was then he began to work for Bernard Lavilliers for whom he recorded two albums & in 2012 “La Grande Sophie” (Polydor Universal) French Grammy winner the following year, hired him for a tour that lasted almost two years thanks to her commercial and stage success.

The year 2014 is extremely fertile for Emiliano who started to work on the musical “Love Circus” produced by Lagardère Group.

He also sided “As Animals” (Atmosphérique), Gaël Faure (Sony Music) & most notably Charles Aznavour whose album’s slated for release in 2015. He’s also called for the recording of the DVD & the whole promotional T.V campaign of “The Soldat Rose 2”, written by Francis Cabrel. On this occasion, he sided Laurent Voulzy, Renan Luce, Nolwenn Leroy, Oldelaf, Camelia Jordana, Tété, Élodie Frégé, Ours, Pierre Souchon, Helena Noguerra, Thomas Dutronc & Francis Cabrel.

In September 2014, Arthur H (Polydor Universal) appointed Emiliano to follow him on a one hundred & twenty shows tour that should last until the end of the year 2015. The promotional campaign starts in October with France Inter, Nova, France 2, France 4, France O & TV5.

Since 2012, Emiliano Turi also has shared his skills as a teacher at the Paris Music Conservatory in the modern music sector.