Olivier was born in Pau on 13th of April 1980 and discovered music at a very young age. Despite his tendency to bang on everything he could find, his first instrument was the saxophone. He started learning how to play drums at the age of 9 and studied with Michel Bonnet for 12 years. In high school, he played in the rock band and then with his older brother, with whom he performed in many concerts at the age of 13. Since then he never stopped playing and music became his passion. He turned professional in 2002 and his many contributions led him to play in France and abroad (Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Syria). In 2004, he accompanied among others Appaloosa group and Canadian singer JC Harrisson for three European tours in the largest country music festivals. In 2006, he returned to the trio of Miguel M (Funk / Blues / Soul) which proved to be an amazing learning experience (he left in 2013).

Olivier carries on working with bassist Miguel, Ludovic Timotéo on various performances and studio projects. In 2010 he composed and produced two records "Running Music" based on the theme of running. This project was the result of collaborative work with his friend and guitarist Patrice Têtvuide.

Today, Olivier is playing with Mathieu Pesqué (Folk / Pop). Their latest album was recorded in the beautiful studio Alhambra Colbert in Rochefort. This album is produced by V2lam, and will be available in September 2015. In addition to this, Olivier is part of the Soul Project (Blues Brothers tribute), Carlinhos Queiroz (Brasilian Funk), Tim Wootton (Australian Rock) and many other projects. He also teaches drums at a music school in Lembeye near Pau.

Visit: www.olivierpelfigues.fr

Arthur Jamin - la ballade du garçon brouillon (2014)
Mathieu Pesqué - beneath the rising moon (2013)
Miguel M - so fine (2013)
Mathieu Pesqué - here and there (2012)
Miguel M - tout mon possible (2010)
Running Music - feel good (2010)
Running Music - speed (2010)
Le Monde de les Mots - l’expédition (2009)
Blue Ridge - If You Want (2003)