Lonnie at a very young age displayed a deep fondness for melodies, rhythms and percussive sounds. His father a preacher, and his mother a gospel singer/recording artist acknowledged this interest and gift. His mom encouraged and help to cultivate it by providing various drums and percussion instruments for him to explore on. That love and support early on helped build a level of confidence so much so that he begin playing in church at 4 years old.

Growing up as a church kid naturally his first influences came from gospel music. Gospel Artist such as Andrae Crouch, Walter Hawkins, Richard Smallwood and The Winans' played in heavy rotation in the family's home. This left a lasting impression and introduced him to the drumming styles of Bill Maxwell, Joel Smith and one of his drum heros Jeff “lo” Davis. Essentials such as good time keeping, section set-ups, dynamics and articulation were a few of the elements always present in their playing. Those classic recordings in which he would often play along to served as building as his teachers. They became his template for how the drums should fit and feel in a musical/band setting. It also taught him that music is extremely powerful and the affects of it on the mind,body and soul can be long lasting and even life changing.

As Lonnie began maturing as a musician he sought out other genres and styles of music. He noticed that there was quite a vast musical vocabulary that he had yet to tap in to. This new territory proved to be interesting,inspiring but also a bit intimidating. He realized quickly that learning and knowing the fundamentals would be essential in any further development to his craft. Lonnie having minimal musical training created his own regimen of practice for learning the basics and beyond. He spent countless hours researching music, articles, books, videos and anything else that he felt was informative to his quest. He put in the commitment to ascertaining the snare drum rudiments, reading music and advanced concepts such as linear playing, poly-rhythms and metric modulation. Being able to adapt to various musical situations has kept him in steady demand and has allowed him to travel all over the world nationally as well as internationally.

Currently Lonnie keeps his schedule filled with various projects and opportunities. You can catch him playing his weekly gig in The Village Underground House Band in NYC studio sessions,live performances, TV appearances, wedding gigs, clinics and church. He endorses Regal Tip Drum Sticks and Paiste Cymbals. “My mission is to always share,encourage and inspire.” Proverbs 3:5-6!!!

Some of the Artist he's worked with: Nick Lachey, Nicole Scherzinger Faith Evans, Cheryl Pepsii Riley(Still Believe/ Producer) Mike Phillips(Tour) Tunesha Crispell(Just As I am) Chubby Checker(Tour), Harlem Gospel Singers(Tour/DVD) Donnie McClurkin(McClurkin Project) Dorothy Norwood (Live) Alvin Darling(Medley of Praise) Jeremiah (Chasing Forever)) GMWA Chicago(Dawn of a New Era) , M.Roger Holland(Building Up) Joel Lester(I Boast) Mike Boyd(Godwomanblue) Myron Williams(Thankful) Team David(Here I AM) Cassietta George(Norwood Presents) Quennel Gaskins(Cut A Rug) John Peters(Peters Town)>

Video, audio and social media links:
Facebook: /lonnie.christian.79
Instagram: longrooves
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You Tube: Longrooves
The Nutcracker(John Peters) https://db.tt/KzrVSmNS
Work In Progress (Cheryl Pepsii Riley) https://db.tt/6ciYOG1r
Just As I Am(Tunesha Crispell) https://db.tt/kUwUUeAM
DrummerBoy(John Peters) https://db.tt/VDA4WaTi
Interlude(Team David) https://db.tt/37yC4Jfg