Born on September 6, 1989 in Niort (France), Camille started playing drums at the age of eight with Bernard Ternie (Jazzman, excellent teacher and very good drummer from the "Lajudie's drum school"). After few years of learning and playing in the local orchestras, his teacher felt that he had what it takes to be a drummer and pushed him to audition for admission to "Lajudie's drum school" in Limoges. He was accepted and went on to attend the prestigious school, from which he graduated in June 2011. 
By the end of 2010, Camille became a drum teacher at the "All for the music" music school in Beauvoir where he taught 20 students. He also served as a substitute teacher at another school in Frontenay Rohan-Rohan, where he also taught about 20 students.

Bands and Projects:

In addition to teaching, Camille joined several bands.

He also recorded Sons of Senoka's first album two weeks after he joined them. After sharing stages with bands like Second Smile, Sidilarsen , Mistaken Element or Dagoba, Sons of Senoka recorded their second album in 2009. Produced by Thibault Chaumont (Studio Deviant Lab), the album was completed in March 2010. Camille joined Ahimsa in 2009 and recorded an EP called "Inward movements." Ahimsa released a second EP named " 0.01 second” in 2013. He continued to play in different Jazz and Rock bands throughout 2012 and 2013 (studio and live).

In 2013, he joined the band Archi Deep & The Monkeyshakers, that year they performed more than 60 times all around France.

After recording their first EP in 2013 (EP#1) the band recorded a second one in 2014 (EP#2), collaborating with Adam Hill who traveled from Memphis, TN and who has already worked with artists such as The White Stripes, the Raconteurs, Stevie Wonder and many more. After more than 150 shows in 2014 and 2015 and about 90 (France and UK) for the promotion purpose of EP#2 (working with Dominique Marie, PR), the band has signed with “The Link Production” to work on their upcoming European tour in 2015. They are back from Memphis with their brand new record - #3 - Those three guys are more than ready to convince that you’ll need to count with them from now on! Recorded at Ardent Studios in the juice of ZZtop, The Cramps, Big Star and Jack White to name a few ...! Mixed by Adam Hill (The White Stripes, Jack White). Mastered by Noël Summerville (Police, The Datsuns, The White Stripes...). Design and photography by Storm Studios (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Mars Volta).

In 2016 Camille recorded several videos you can find on his youtube channel.


Facebook : www.facebook.com/camille.sullet