Christian Djieya was born in Cameroon in March 16th, 1978, among a family of musicians.

He followed his older brother, famous music professor in Douala, teaching at the American School and Dominique Savioís French School in the 90ís.

He started to learn classical piano but after a few years, influenced by many drummers visiting his brotherís home studio, he realized that his preferred instruments were the drums.

At the age of 15, he started to regularly perform in Jazz Clubs, participated at various jazz festivals including the Jazz sous les manguiers Festival.

A year later, the manager of the Meridien Hotel contacted Christian and offered him his first professional contract. Christian performed in the Meridien Jazz Club with his own band every night for 2 years.

In 1999, Christian got the opportunity to come to Europe and settled in Italy.

His first steps in Roma havenít been easy, but little by little, with a lot of work and perseverance, the doors started to open.

In 2001, the Angolan Portuguese singer, Tasha Rodrigues, called him to be part of her band. He recorded 2 albums with her, Kiry Kiry and Tirando pedras. He experienced his first performances on TV shows, tours all around Italy and in Europe. Tasha Rodrigues and her band performed in Germany for the 2006 World Cup, to represent Angola.

Few months later, he joined the group of the famous Italian pop star, Alex Britti. With him, Christian participated in many TV shows and festivals like the famous Festival Bar.

He took part in Alex Brittiís official video of the album Lasciare o prendere.

In 2010, Christian decided to try his luck in France and settled in Paris. At the beginning of his stay in Paris, he took some classes at the Dante Agostini School to deepen his music reading ability.

He started with sessions in studio where he got the opportunity to meet great musicians like Paco Sery, his idol from the young age and who with he recorded the new album of Rido Bayonne, to be released soon.

He got the opportunity to meet and perform with the British/Trinidadian singer, Z-Star.

Later, he met the Italo-australian singer, Aurielle Sciorilli and helped her to realize and arrange her album based on her grandfather Eros Sciorilliís songs, renowned composer in Italy, who won the Sanremo festival in 1967 with Non pensare en me. A song that has been performed, over the years, by some of the best singers like Mireille Mathieu, Jerry Vale. This album Eros Blues will be presented at the Sunset-Sunside Club (Paris) on April 29th.

Recently, the saxophonist Laurent Gavard, who just brought out his latest album Et maintenant, called Christian to be part of his new band. About 20 shows are already planned all over France and the band will end the tour on September 19th with a show at the famous Olympia in Paris.

In parallel, Christian is working on his own album, in duet with the Italian singer Piera Pizzi, in which have participated Linley Marthe, Rocco Zifarelli (conductor of Ennio Morricone) and many other artists. The release is planned before summer.

Some tracks from this album will be used in the coming movie from the young and talented American filmmaker, Kiandra Parks - Cíest la vie. For 2 years now, Christian has also set up his own studio Studio Jumelles and has been teaching the drums to students from different levels and ages.