Rodrigo Rios was born on 1979, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. His first encounter with music was at 4 years of age, when he was given his first guitar. He took to the instrument so naturally that it has integrated his daily life ever since. At age thirteen, Rodrigo had his first exposure to the drums, and the same occurred. In his quest for musical advancement, Rios studied with renowned Brazilian drummers such as Carlos Bala and Marcio Bahia in Rio de Janeiro, and internationally-acclaimed drummers, Gregg Field, Joe Porcaro and John JR Robinson in Los Angeles. Rios also study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Rios focus lies on specific musical styles such as Pop, Jazz , R&B and Brazilian Popular Music, which has led to his performing alongside distinguished music artists in Brazil of the genre, including Tulio Mourão, Wilson Sideral, Tavito, Vander Lee, Anthonio, Marcelo Elias, Rafael Martini, Beto Lopes, Jairo de Lara, Ge Lara, Nardeli Prado, Renato Saldanha, Luiza Lara, and others. In 2008, Rios started his career as a producer creating, developing, as well as performing in, the Bossa Nossa ­Singing History project, a tribute to 50 years of Bossa Nova. After his first production, Rios produced many other concerts as "Tulio Por um Trio", " Ouro de Minas", " Rodrigo Rios & Big Band" and many others.

Rios is living in Los Angeles and he has worked as producer and/or drummer with some Internationally-acclaimed singers/musicians such as Renee Olstead, Monica Mancini, Patti Austin, Lee Ritenour, Chris Walden, Gregg Field, Lorraine Feather, Arnold McCuller, Michael Grimm, Jim Cox, Abraham Laboriel Sir., Michael Thompson, John Beasley, Russell Ferrante, Tom Scott, Dan Higgins, Dan Fornero, Wayne Bergeron, Mb Gordy, Tariqh Akoni, Jamie Mitges and the Dream Trackers, Lenny Castro, Tim May, Kevin Axt, Nick Lane, Bill Bergman, Ed Berghoff, Les Sables, Sandy Stein, Robin Swenson, Bruce Atkinson, Milton Nelson, Randy Jacobs, Kathy Paris, Mark Campbell and many others. Rios has worked alongside distinguished Engineers, Mixers such as Don Murray, Steve Sykes and Eddie King. In 2012, the single Life's Joy and Celebration (Jamie Mitges and The Dream Trackers - Feat. Patti Austin) that Rios produced and played drums, reached #10 at Billboard Hot Single Sales. Rodrigo is keeping busy in Los Angeles as a producer and as a drummer. Recently, Rios started to produce and play for some TV channels.

Website : www.rodrigorios.mus.br

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rodrigo.rios.790