Danny Leo is not just your normal Melbournite rock drummer with a beard and Converse All-Stars. With chops to boot, he is pretty much one of the hardest hitting, deepest grooving, musical drummers you're going to see. Youngest of 3 musical boys, Adelaide raised he was given his first kit at age 9 from a family friend, and his parents to this day dislike this particular friend as Danny hasn't stopped playing since. He used to attend church back then and by 11 he was a considerably better player than the long time church drummer, so the prayers of many were answered, and Danny took over playing in the band with people twice his age. Almost giving up playing in high school, Danny finished year 12 in 1999 and decided music was it. The ten years that followed where years of unhealthy hours of practice, countless rehearsals, bands, gigs, tours, sessions, jams and broken equipment. He became a local hero in Adelaide, topping it off with scoring the holy throne of tribute shows as a drummer, the Led Zeppelin band Zep Boys. From January 2010 his legendary, "Close your eyes and it's Bonzo!" performances of 3 hour shows and 20 minute drum solos Australia wide were and still are wowing thousands. This of course brought new light to his original bands, in particular King Of The North.

Today Danny is the powerhouse behind the original rock n roll outfit King Of The North and the super tribute band Zep Boys. A Melbourne local having moved there in January 2012 he has quickly become one of the most talked about rock drummers this side of the Murray due to the hard hitting, fast moving sweat shows all around Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. Shows including Cool Summer, Cherry Rock and Folk Rhythm & Life festivals, residencies at the Retreat, Espy and Cherry bars, and the main support for Cold Chisel at Festival Hall have all contributed to his reputation as a "monster player", including the Chisel lads! King Of The North's debut self titled EP was also released this year seeing them play two sell out shows in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Danny dreams of the day he can stop eating canned spaghetti on toast, get new jeans and pay rent on time with the blessings of the music industry. Till then, his band King Of The North will be relentless in the new year playing even more shows including national tours, the major festivals, supports for the bigger bands and playing abroad. He will also continue to bring people the closest they'll ever get to the real thing, playing his beloved John Bonham in the Zep Boys around Australia. There really isn't many like Danny Leo behind a kit.

"Danny Leo is the best drummer I have ever seen.... unreal." - Andy Baldwin at Folk Rhythm & Life Festival 2012, producer (Bjork, Chrissie Amphlett, Living End, Kram, Cat Empire).