Benjamin Funk (DK)

Paiste Artist Since Mar 2013


15" 2002 Wild Hats
19" 2002 Thin Crash
20" RUDE Thin Crash
24" Alpha Rock Ride


Benjamin was born on September 16th, 1978 in Kiel, Germany. He became interested in drumming at the age of 10 after a friendly little push from his father. At the age of 11 he got his first drum kit (which he still has and plays on occasion), and the kit was outfitted with PAISTE cymbals. In the summer of ’95, after many years of practicing and playing in various bands he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives today with his wife and two daughters.

In Denmark Benjamin played in different bands until 2004 where he met with old and new friends and co-founded what would become SuperCharger. SuperCharger has been growing ever since and started touring in Germany, UK and Scandinavia. In 2009 the band signed with VMA (Voices of Music & Entertainment) for a world-wide release of the first 2 albums. Benjamin became a PAISTE Artist in Denmark in 2010, the same year the band won a Danish Metal Award and began recording their 2nd album. That 2nd album - "That’s How We Roll" - had a few radio hits, especially in Sweden where it was nominated for 2 awards by Bandit Rock, Stockholm. In April 2013 SuperCharger signed with Gain Music Entertainment (part of Sony Music) as the 1st non-Swedish Band. Leading to the release of their 3rd album “Broken Hearts And Fallaparts” (January 2014), followed by a busy touring period. With almost a 100 shows until the summer of 2015, SuperCharger suddenly faced a setback when lead singer chose to leave the band. Instead of heading to the studio to record a follow-up album that same year as planned, they had to start searching for a new singer. It took longer than expected to find the right person, but paid off when Linc Van Johnson from Germany joined the band. During the late winter 2016, SuperCharger finally got back on track. The first single of their coming album was released in February 2017 and on June 1st, 2018 the new album "Real Machine" presents SuperCharger once again.

Benjamin is very passionate about vintage drums, playing a Ludwig kit from the mid 70's in the original colors. The Sound of the PAISTE cymbal setup compliments the sound of the drums and the sound of SuperCharger. On stage Benjamin is not that sort of musician that would hide in the background, but rather he is a hard-hitting drummer who plays with a lot of energy. His very personal drum style makes his show entertaining to watch – he often gets the surname “The German concrete mixer”!

SuperCharger – Handgrenade Blues – 2009
SuperCharger – That’s How We Roll – 2011
SuperCharger – Broken Hearts And Fallaparts – 2014
SuperCharger – Real Machine – 2018