Joe Bortscheller (US)
#Floodlove, Young and Divine, School of Rock DFW

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2010


20" Giant Beat Giant Beat
14" Twenty Hi-Hat
18" Twenty Thin Crash
24" 2002 Big Ride
20" Giant Beat Giant Beat


Joe Bortscheller started playing drums at the age of 5 or 6 when him and his dad would go on road trips for civil war reenactments. He was to young to hold the musket! So he had to play taps. Eventually that led into jamming to hard rock bands, as well as classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who. Soon enough Joe found himself learning proper hand technique, reading music, and learning many of the technical elements of drumming with some of the most well known drum teachers in his area. By the age of thirteen Joe was in a band playing out locally and started to get his feet wet in the music business. After a few years of touring, studying, and recording in some regional punk bands, he started taking lessons from different tour mates as well as studying with a host of session drummers. He learned the ropes of self-production in the studio and was exposed to many different sides of drum theory.

Eventually touring and recording with a national act materialized and soon Joe was touring with Young & Divine. He even continued taking lessons from different national drummers while on tour, including LAMA and Berklee graduates. They opened his mind and inspired his desire to discover more new styles, techniques and tricks.

Over the last four years Joe recorded on an album released by RCA Records that spawned two radio singles, shot music videos, toured nationally, and did session work. Joe has recently been playing in a project with the guitarist from Young and Divine called Olivine, while managing a punk rock band called the Half Hearted Hooligans. He is a really fun and motivating teacher as well! Who really takes pride in the progress of his students.

Joe is currently endorsed by Paiste Cymbals, Shine Drums, and Ultimate Ears studio monitors.