Richard Wilson (UK)
#Educator, Raw Studios

Paiste Artist Since Nov 2012


14" Signature Medium Hi-Hat
18" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I
10" Alpha Thin Splash
18" Alpha Thin Swiss Crash
21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
16" Twenty Custom Collection Full Crash


Richard is currently one of the most sought after drummers and teachers in the North of England, Richard owns and runs the nationally renowned private music school, RAW Studios.

Richard and his staff have an ever growing list of private students from all over the UK for studio lessons and globally Online. Richard is actively involved in giving Clinics, workshops and master classes across the country.

The clinic setting is where you will mainly find Richard working, the clinics, masterclasses and education arena is where Richard is most at home.

Richard is equally at home on the stage or in the studio playing anything from Jazz, to swing from Funk to Drum and Bass.

Richard Has worked with the following drummers from around the world: Dom Famularo, Craig Blundell, Russell Gilbrook, Steve White, Mike Dolbear, James Hester and many more.