Sevn (IT)
#Composer, Sound Designer, Independent

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2012


4" Exotic / Percussion Bell (modified) custom
17" Signature Fast Crash
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hat
8" Signature Splash
15" Signature Heavy China (modified) custom
20" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
6" Exotic / Percussion Bell custom
18" Signature Fast Crash


Italian AudioVisual Artist, Sound Designer and Composer, Beatmaker, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist Musician, DJ, Singer

Lorenzo embarked on his professional career as the drummer for the international pop singer ALEXIA and toured across the globe (2004-2008). Later he became a Sound Designer and Composer, primarily for Contemporary Art Events. Among his soundtracks, "Kátharsis" was selected at the Architecture Biennale of Venice for the collateral event Immaterial Spaces (Venice, 2010). He also took part in various events (2008-2012) at PaRDeS, Laboratory of Contemporary Art Research (Venice) and he is currently collaborating with the NYBA, New York Biennale as an AudioVisual Artist. Lately he has been producing with Daniele Gottardo, working on styles ranging from Pop to Electro, Classical and many other genres. Lorenzo always strives to remain ahead of the curve and in search of new frontiers.