Todd Chuba (US)

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2012



The plan was simple - graduate Arizona State University with a music degree and then head over to Los Angeles with an eye on immersing himself in the promising LA studio scene; perhaps even pick up a tour.

Arizona however, had a different plan in mind for Todd Chuba.

Almost immediately upon arriving at ASU from his home-town of Dexter, MI., Todd began garnering the attention of the top musicians, artists and producers in the greater Phoenix area.

It was the early 80’s and Phoenix was going through a Renaissance of sorts. The town was electric and Todd could be found at its epicenter - the legendary music club, “Chuy’s (Tempe),” holding court with renowned jazz pianist’s, Chuck Marohnic’s (Joe Henderson, Chet Baker, Buddy Rich) 10 O’clock Band featuring, noted NY based saxophonist, Tony Mallaby. Concurrently, Todd landed the drum-chair with the Valley’s most renowned vocalist, Alice Tatum. It was 1982 and Todd was fully immersed in the local scene.

“I started making plans to start my career in LA; and what I didn’t realize it that it had already started in AZ,” states Todd.

Todd Chuba’s career is a rare thirty-year success story that is a true testament to a musician’s approach to drums and percussion. A success story who’s credits include, recordings, performances and national and international tours with the likes of: Nils Lofgren (“Old School 2012”), Paul Rogers (“Abandon Love ~ Amnesty International Tribute To Bob Dylan 2012”), Eric Burden, Glen Campbell, Joey DeFrancesco, David Griesman, David Garfield, Eric Marienthal, Neil Stubenhaus, Lenny Castro, Steve Gadd, Steve Ferrone, Ray Herndon, Tom Booth, Al Casey, Alice Tatum, Annie Sellick, Khani Cole, Bob Friedman and Stevie Nicks, among others.

“Having done over 30 years of sessions with Todd Chuba, I feel secure in saying Todd is a Pro's Pro! Reliable and selfless to a fault, he always know the right thing to play in a session. From choosing the correct drums and cymbals for the music, to knowing what not to play...Todd has been the guy. So many times he has been the spark to move things along, and is never really stuck for something else to try. He can go left, if the music calls for it. Todd is not just a great drummer...he's a great musician!"

-- Clarke Rigsby /Noted Producer (Tower Of Power, Jimmy Smith, Paul McCartney)


Private student teacher - Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ)
Adjunct teacher and guest speaker - Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ)
Guest speaker and performer - Conservatory of Recording Arts (Tempe, AZ)


Paiste (Traditional, Signature & 2002 cymbals)
Yamaha drums
Remo drum heads