Marko was born on May 27th 1970 in Vammala, Finland. As a young boy he moved to Tampere where he spent his childhood and youth; today he lives in Nokia.

Music has always been an important part of his life in spite of the fact that he began playing at the age of 18, somewhat late by conventional standards. He soon realized that playing drums had become more than just a hobby, it had become a passion.

At the age of 22, Marko applied to be a student with Mr. Risto Skrikberg, Master of Rudiments. His studies with Skrikberg began by going back to the basics: hand technique had to be learned again. With Skrikberg’s help, Marko acquired a facility for rudiments, which in turn facilitated his approach to the instrument.

In the late 90's Marko was involved in a car accident in which the injuries he sustained to his left hand affected his ability to play for some time. In the years that followed, Marko was able to rehabilitate the injured hand and return to his passion, playing the drums.

Marko has been playing and touring consistently for years. In 2005, Finnish rock Lady Muska Babitzin asked Marko to join her band. Since then, they have been busy performing for fans everywhere.