E.A., aka Emiliano Almeida, is a professional musician –drummer, percussionist, composer, producer, remixer and DJ—who has achieved an extraordinarily successful career internationally as a recording artist and live performer.

E.A. grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is regarded as one of the most accomplished musicians of his generation. Since the age of twenty-one, he has been performing with acclaimed artists in the national and international music scene like Soledad, Fabiana Cantilo, Celeste Carballo, Vilma Palma (Argentina), Sonja Marie, Nicholas Gunn, Rabito, Jennifer Peña (U.S.A.), Faramarz Aslani (Iran) just to name a few. His playing has been featured on recordings for labels such as Sony, Warner, Universal, and Polygram., etc.

His unique style and sound comes from a vast knowledge of Latin American folkloric rhythms, combined with his specialization in urban music, popular grooves and electronic music. He also has a great experience in the whole modern recording process (tracking techniques, software utilization, sound processing, etc.) making him a self-contained artist.

For more information please visit his website: www.emilianoalmeida.com