Ricky Machado was born in 1988 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 11 he started exploring music by playing the acoustic guitar. One year later he had his first contact with the drums, he fell in love with them right away, and began refining his skills (Ricky is an autodidact).

His activity as a drummer began in church and his first musical influences were pop/rock-based. After listening to Iron Maiden and Nicko McBrain, his musical concepts expanded. At the age of 13 he bought his first double bass drum pedal and focused on developing his technique as a heavy metal drummer.

At the age of 16, Ricky joined a well known metal band in Brazil called Uniao. He performed numerous times as their drummer, occupying the position that once belonged to Rafael Rosa. During this same time, he started working with the band Inr?tulo, which allowed him to continue improving his live performance skills and gain recognition for his stage presence and various stick tricks.

Always a student, he continued to refine his skills in other ways, and began freelance work with many bands and singers in the pop/rock scene in Brazil. When his friend Eloy Casagrande joined Sepultura, Ricky was invited to be join Gloria, one of Brazil’s biggest bands, who played the massive Rock in Rio Festival, and shared the stage with Slipknot, Motorhead and Metallica.

When asked about his association with Paiste Cymbals, Ricky said: "This is a dream come true…Paiste has a long and rich legacy as a great cymbal company and in my opinion they have, and always will have, the best sound. I remember watching Iron Maiden in concert and thinking about how badly I wanted a set. Then I bought my first RUDE and fell in love with the timbre, finishing, volume and visual presence. I feel privileged and very happy to play Paiste cymbals, the brand I consider to be the best on planet. Thank you, Paiste!”