-Motorpsycho: "The Death Defying Unicorn" (Rune Grammofon, RCD2124)
-Martin Hagfors: "I like you" (Strømland Records, SR005cd)
-Motorpsycho: "Strings of Stroop" (limited edition live album, 500 copies, vinyl only)
-Goat the Head: “Doppelgangers” (Aftermath Music, Chapter 62)
-Motorpsycho: “Roadwork vol.4 - Intrepid Skronk”(Rune Grammofon, RCD 2110)
-Motorpsycho: “Heavy Metal Fruit”(Rune Grammofon, RCD 2093)
-Motorpsycho: “X-3 (Knuckelheads in space) 7” (Rune Grammofon RSI 2094)
-Motorpsycho: “Child of the Future” (Rune Grammofon, RLP2088)
-22: “Exended Sensory Play” (EP) (TOTO001)
-Martin Hagfors: "Men And Flies"(ME 011)
-Motorpsycho: "Little Lucid Moments"(rune grammofon/motorpsychedelic tunes DA,RCD 2073)
-Animal Alpha: "You pay for the whole seat, but you ́ll only need the edge"(Racing junior, RJCD 039)
-Goat the head: "Simian Supremacy"(TABU Recordings, Tabu 026)
-African Pepperbirds: ”Cape Point”(Bergland Productions, BE 013-2)
-Gåte: ”Liva” (Warner Music Norway, 5051011-383-2-0)
-Dadafon: ”Harbour”(Universal Music AS, Norway, 986 621-2)