Fernanda Terra (BR)
#Independent, Extermina

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2011


14" Alpha Rock Hats
17" Alpha Metal Crash
18" Alpha Metal Crash
18" Alpha China
20" Alpha Metal Ride


Known in Brazil’s underground rock'n' roll scene, Fernanda Terra doesn't disappoint when it comes to drumming. Without losing her femininity, this girl (born and raised in São Paulo), proves that it is indeed possible for a girl to drum hard.

Fernanda never cared about the cliché that playing drums is for boys. By the age of 13 she already started getting familiar with the instrument. In Brasilia - capital of Brazil - where she lived for two years, she took lessons with Daniel Oliveira and upon returning to São Paulo she studied with Duda Neves and Lilian Carmona who introduced her to reading music. Since then she never stopped playing and has been in several hardcore and punk rock bands, such as Baby Scream, Hellas, Touching Lips and No Fashion.

Influenced by great international drummers such as Chad Smith, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonhan, Keith Moon, Virgil Donati and Terry Bozzio along with Brazilians João Barone, Lilian Carmona and Duda Neves, Fernanda started getting noticed by the underground scene in the 90’s and, in 2000, the album “Enjoy” was released by Food4Life, her band at the time. They performed in many Brazilian cities such as Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Ceará. In 2002, she toured throughout the west coast of the USA with the band Dominatrix, playing in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Sacramento and Seattle among other cities.

In 2006, Fernanda joined forces with ex- Rock Sparrer guitarist Chris Skepis and bassist Demente (Juventude Maldita, Phobia) to create Final Fight, a punk rock band with a hardcore approach. At the end of 2008, they released the album "Quem de Medo Corre, de Medo Morre" and are still promoting their release in the underground scene. So much dedication and experience really paid off. Today Fernanda is endorsed by Sonor Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Alba Drumsticks and Hellocases. Last year Fernanda started teaching drums at the Instituto Bateras Beat in São Paulo, one of the most respected drumming schools in Brazil. In September at the Expomusic - the biggest music fair in Latin America - Alba released her signature model drumsticks.

In 2010, Fernanda began working with women as band mates again. She took the drum seat with Lyrex, playing again with bassist Bya Vantresca who was part of the early formation of Final Fight, when the band’s name was Gutter Cats. With a rock’n’roll approach and lyrics in Portuguese, there are three songs already available on the girls´ Myspace page and they are preparing the release of their debut album for 2011. Fernanda’s other current band is called Nervosa, with a crossover style, mixing punk hardcore with thrash metal. Without losing her pace, she keeps improving herself: at the moment, she is studying Brazilian and Latin rhythms with the accomplished drummer Dino Verdade.

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