To the Paiste website user who's reading this,

It's Jared Falk here! Instead of doing a really professional bio with a ton of big words and perfect grammar, I thought I'd try something different…

You see, the fact that I'm even able to write this text that will be published on the Paiste website is insane to me. I started to play drums when I was 15 years old (29 now), and never even had the capacity to dream up the ride that I've been on the past 6 years.

Since 2005, I've had the amazing opportunity to teach drummers how to play the drums online. Six years ago people would've told me I was crazy if I said I wanted to teach drums on the internet or world wide web or Google machine or whatever you want to call it :)

After teaching online for 6 years I've got an amazing group of people following me. There are over 200,000 drummers signed up to receive free weekly email drum lessons from me, I have over 45,000 subscribers on my drum lesson Youtube channel, and continue to build a strong following on Facebook and Twitter.

I truly feel honoured that students allow me into their practice space and be a part in their progression as a drummer. I've seen drummers who went from knowing absolutely nothing about drumming to playing live gigs, recording in studios, and some even going on to teach others how to play as well.

If you decide you want to take some drum lessons online look me up and we can chat. Then instead of getting to know me by reading a bio or looking at pictures we can actually TALK! I know, that's a crazy idea heh?

Anyways, you can find me on Facebook or Twitter if you like. Don't be shy, come on over and say hello.