Lemuel Hayes sits atop a golden throne, scepters in hand, keeping time for an entranced legion's enjoyment. With a boom, a tap, and a crash, he orders the ways of the world. Okay, so maybe the throne's actually black with a little divide in the middle so his bum can fit in snuggly, and maybe the scepters are just plain old wooden sticks. But come on, a guy can dream, can't he? Lemuel did just that, and then some.

He received his first toy drum set one Christmas as a child, and annoyed the hell out of his parents for a few days before going on hiatus. Years later, after a short-lived stint with the sax, he returned to drumming, taking his first lessons and wreaking all sorts of havoc in his parents' basement with a group of high school friends. They were called Basement Thrift Store. They were brilliant, obviously.

Drumming turned serious though, as Lemuel took on an instructor role at DRUMS101 and began playing with MISFORTUNE500, recording a full-length album and touring the eastern US twice. He then joined Athens crooner Monahan for the writing and recording of the full-length album Stop Saying I, a song from which appeared on MTV's zombie mockumentary series, Death Valley.

In addition to playing with Monahan's live band, Lemuel has contributed his talents to a variety of others in and around Athens: PacificUV, whom Lemuel recorded an album and toured Asia with, Ola Moon, a new project spearheaded by B-52's singer Cindy Wilson, and White Violet, whom he has recorded two albums--most recently, Stay Lost, with engineer Scott Solter (Spoon, Superchunk)--and toured the US with, to name a few.

Lemuel now calls Nashville home, where he performs live and serves as a session drummer for an ever-growing list of musicians in need of a good scepter, I mean, stick wielder. See? Dreams really do come true.