Mark Heaney (UK)
#Planes Of Symmetry, Independent

Paiste Artist Since Mar 2011


18" Alpha Thin Swiss Crash
15" Formula 602 Classic Sounds Medium Hi-Hat
18" Signature Fast Crash
20" Masters Dark Crash Ride
17" Signature Fast Crash
13" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Hats Mark I


Mark Heaney is a UK drummer born in London in 1970.

A naturally gifted and self taught player Mark started playing drums at a very young age and by 10 years old Mark was performing on a regular basis in his fathers band.

Throughout his career Mark has worked as a prolific session drummer recording and touring worldwide for artists and producers from all genres of music. Mark was also a band member of Indie legends John Squires Seahorses in the 1990’s and most recently a member of Post punk Icons Gang of Four.

Mark is also an accomplished composer creating albums and bespoke work for Film and TV.

In 2016 Mark formed improvisational duo Planes of Symmetry with London based keyboardist Pete Billington. The bands roots definitely come from the jazz art form but they also fuse elements from other genres which gives their sound a very unique vibe and sonic. The structures and melodies are there but they always approach their live shows and recordings in the true sprit of jazz playing totally in the moment, heart and soul, which makes for not only great interplay between the players but also guarantees an electrifying live experience.

Mark has been described by Rhythm magazine as “one of the most mind blowing drummer in the UK” and by Modern Drummer in the USA as “Mindblowing”. Mark continues to release solo drum albums and is renowned Internationally for his Incredible musicianship, flawless technique, sound and feel which combined make him one of the most exciting and in demand drummer’s around today.

“A muscular yet madly skilled player. Mindblowing”. (Modern Drummer)

“Mark Heaney is a machine” (Time Out)

“One of the most Jaw Dropping players in the UK” (Rhythm Magazine)

“Might just be one of the most important drummers in the country” (Rhythm magazine)

"A reflection of our times, both musically and technologically” (Percussive Arts Society)

"The Bonham-esque type capabilities of Mark Heaney” (NME)

"Super Chops and more" (Marlbank)

"Groove by the bucketful" (London Jazz news)