Sean Winchester is the current recording and touring drummer for the band Everclear. Originally from the Los Angeles area, Sean started playing drums as a way to keep himself out of trouble as a teenager. In high school his two best friends encouraged him to start a band with them. In no time, he was playing iconic Hollywood venues such as the Whiskey A Go≠‐Go, the Roxy and Key Club. Before graduating high school, Winchester was awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts.

At Berklee, Seanís deep love for music grew, and his expertise expanded across a wide array of genres. After nearly four years at Berklee, he left school to tour with an up‐and≠‐coming band, but had limited success. He then returned to Los Angeles where he gained experience by playing with multiple bands and musicians. He toured alongside major performing artists such as Arrested Development, Meat Loaf and Ziggy Marley. Although he made many influential friends along the way, Winchester struggled with finding consistent work and took a job working for a party supply rental company. He relentlessly continued auditioning and in 2010, he got his big break when he became the touring and recording drummer for the multi-≠platinum band, Everclear.

Although Winchester spends most of his time playing with Everclear, when he is not on tour he makes time weekly to teach aspiring drummers at his rehearsal space in Studio City, CA. His relentless desire to grow as a musician has driven him to pursue many side musical projects. In the last few months alone, he has toured with Bow Wow Wow in Europe, played with new eclectic artist August Emile, and partnered with DJ Bentley Foy to create a live DJ/drummer duo called Skoolyard. Winchesterís true passion though is his own jazz/rock/fusion trio called Something.Bot.Metro. It is comprised of Hoobastank bass player and longtime friend Jesse Charland, as well is keyboardist/producer Dylan Charbeneau.

You can find all of the latest info on Winchester and his gigs at facebook.com/seanrichardwinchester or at seanwinchester.com.