Kristofer Niepert (CN)
#Shuang Long Diong Di, Nickris Brothers, War/n/t

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2011


14" RUDE Hi-Hat
16" RUDE Crash/Ride
20" Alpha Rock Crash
22" 2002 Ride
18" 2002 Novo China


Kristofer Niepert is an American drummer that has performed on Chinese TV shows and music festivals beginning at the age of 3 years old. Kris is also a talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He and his brother Nicholas are producing music for other very prominent Chinese artists. Kristofer and Nicholas are currently performing in the new internet talent competition “Let’s Band” which airs every Saturday night on youku.com. They are both looking forward to a tour with major support sometime in 2020. Kris was endorsed by Paiste in 2009 when he was 9 years old.