Diogo Leite (PT)
#Prana, Beatroad, Joana Andrade & os Dagma

Paiste Artist Since Jan 2011



Diogo Henrique Leite Oliveira was born July 20, 1985. Having a taste for music at age 10, Diogo began to studying the piano but it wasn’t until 1999 he began his first drums studies, attending music schools and learning rudiments and pop/rock patterns. Following his initial studies, Diogo took private classes with renowned teachers expanding his knowledge in the field of latin, funk, rock and jazz, and rhythm reading and general study of the drums.

Throughout his years of education, Diogo began integrating various projects and participating in several workshops with Michael Lauren, Mike Portnoy, Dom Famularo ... In 2008, Leite opened his own studio where he explores his projects. Currently he participates in several projects conducting tours, and recording sessions. He also teaches in music schools and conducts private lessons.