Ryan Cox (US)
#I Declare War

Paiste Artist Since Dec 2010


18" Alpha Rock China
14" 2002 Wild Hats
18" 2002 Crash
10" 2002 Splash
11" 2002 Splash
17" RUDE Wild Crash
24" RUDE Mega Power Ride
18" Alpha Rock China


Ryan Cox's drumming career started off in 2005 just having fun and playing shows. It didn't start to really kick off until he was asked to join I Declare War in the summer of 2009.

Since then, Ryan and his band have put out 2 full length records on Artery Recordings and have toured the United States and Canada multiple times. They have toured with bands such as, Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Suicide Silence, Veil of Maya, Oceano, Molotov Solution, Impending Doom and much more.

Ryan Cox is a hard hitting, super energetic drummer, so make sure you keep him under you're radar! He will not let you down on any live performance. Ryan also proudly endorses Savior Custom Drums, Evans Heads, Promark drumsticks and Livewire inner ears.