Art Banura (US)
#Murder Death Kill

Paiste Artist Since Dec 2010


14" 2002 Wild Hats
18" 2002 Medium
21" Alpha Groove Ride
18" 2002 Medium
18" Signature Heavy China


1993 - Started playing drums, first band: Crank (punk fusion)
1995 - Started second band, Weaksauce (harder, faster punk rock)
1998 - Recorded first full length CD for Weaksauce (self-released)
2002 - Started Breach Of Peace (heavier, metallic hardcore)
2003 - Changed name of Breach Of Peace to Blood Stands Still, record full length (self-released), start touring
2004 - Joined Donnybrook! (Eulogy Records) and start touring with for both bands, played Posi-Numbers and Hellfest with Donnybrook!
2005 - Recorded on Donnybrook's "Lions In This Game Album" (Hand Of Hope/Eulogy recordings), continue touring for both bands eventually quitting Donnybrook!
2006 - Recorded Blood Stands Still's EP, "The Thrill And The Agony" (War Machine records), continue touring, played This Is Hardcore fest in Philly
2007 - Recorded Blood Stands Still's first album, "Tomorrow The World" (Spook City records), continue touring, played This Is Hardcore fest again
2008 - Recorded Blood Stands Still's second album, "Salvation Through Struggle" (Media Skare records), toured Europe as well as the US
2009 - started Murder Death Kill as a side project and immediately start touring, started using Paiste cymbals, recorded first full length for MDK 2010 - Murder Death Kill's first album, "Fuck With Us And Find Out" (Media Skare records) released, film first video for album (Suffocation),
2011 - Recorded MDK's second album, "Instigate Infiltrate Annihilate" (Media Skare), continue touring, film second video, (Abomination)