Ivica Ike Bilic (03.11.1980) was born in Split (Croatia), the province of beautiful Dalmatia. His talent for music has been noticed since he was a young boy during the elementary school and the serious steps towards his professional career started a young age of 15!

His early musical influences were the legendary bands from old school days of rock like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and as he progressed popular bands from the 80’s like Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden peaked his interest. With time, Ivica honed his skills towards other music directions thanks to the impact of artists like Jeff Porcaro, Jeff Campitelli, Dave Lombardo, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and Simon Phillips.

Known in the music circles as a brilliant young drummer, Ivica received numerous requests for collaborations from various singers and bands, “cause they all want to have a “good wall” behind their back” as Ivica describes it! One of them was the most selling Croatian singer M.P.Thompson with whom he performed in a front of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

From the local pubs, small halls, arenas and recently huge stadiums, Ivica Ike Bilic took advantage of his musical experiences to become one of the most recognizable drummers in the Croatian music scene! His future will be even more exciting and challenging for him through some projects and collaborations with international labels like Nuclear Blast and King Foo entertainment!