Chix with Stix (ZA)
#Chix with Stix

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2010



There is a preconceived idea that girls canít drum, but Chix with Stix have eliminated that thought from any skeptics mind forever. Initially attracting audiences purely out of fascination, Chix with Stix now has a solid fan base that is constantly growing. The band members are Rikki Brest, Stefania Stefani, and Anastasia Ferrara and not only do these three girls aim to make a name for themselves in the music industry, but also to be respected for what they do.

Their show appeals to a wide audience, allowing them to perform at all events including corporate events, festivals, clubs, launches, parties and schools since 2004. Their set includes drumming on traditional drum kit, Latin and African percussion, Djembes and even Chairs with singing added into a few songs. Although all three girls have different influences, they strive to create their own exclusive sound. What makes them unique? Well... besides the fact that they are all female, that they all drum and play all the instruments, the rhythms they create are thunderous.

Chix with Stix add a new, fresh, sexy and energetic vibe to any function.