Being an musical adept and "natural" ever since early childhood Broddesson finally, mastering a multitude of instruments, turned to drums around 1992, his instrument of choice and passion.

While playing in a number of bands and projects Lars hit the bigger stages in early 2007 when joining the black metal war machine of Marduk in which he was an integral part until late 2013 when, after a year of struggling with a vexing drum related injury, leaving the band was the only option. He has strived for recovery ever since and eventually, in 2018, it starts getting better.

Vitalised, 2019 will mark the return and rise of his hard driving rock band No Tomorrow as well as the advent of The Shining Woe, a very special rock/metal project of his very own.

Lars also has a number of session merits and guest appearances including Funeral Mist, Ofermod, Blood of Serpents and much more. He will continue to take session jobs whenever suiting his liking starting with the up-and-coming band Qalmana.

Apart from playing drums Lars is no stranger to composing and writing. He is an educated music producer and runs his own studio.