Stefano Ghigliano (IT)
#The Doomsayer

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2010


14" Alpha Metal Edge Hats
10" Alpha Metal Splash
17" Alpha Metal Crash
19" Alpha Metal Crash
20" Alpha Metal Ride
18" Alpha Rock China


Stefano Ghigliano was born May 21st 1985 in Mondovi (Italy). At the age of 15 he started playing drums. Studying drums and the piano at the Mondovi School Of Music for six years, Stefano was taught different styles of rhythm, from rock to latin patterns.

In fall of 2002 he became a member of Italian hardcore band Stigma, recorded two EPs (”Metamorphosis” and “Epitaph Of Pain”), two full lenght albums (”When Midnight Strikes!” and the brand new “Concerto For The Undead”), both released by US label Pivotal Rockordings L.L.C and distributed worldwide.

With Stigma Stefano toured all over Europe and the UK as well as playing more than 150 shows around Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria and France. You shall find more infos and interview on the sickdrummermagazine.com website.