Oli Beaudoin is a 2016 JUNO AWARDS (Canadian equivalent of Grammys) winning drummer, songwriter, producer, mix and mastering engineer based near the Montreal region area in Quebec, Canada. He is the drummer of Canadaís most dominating metal acts KATAKLYSM and EX DEO. Heís also known for his past involvements with Montrealís finest technical death metal band NEURAXIS (Canada), for his live session work with extreme metal veterans BELPHEGOR (Austria) and epic-metal stars KEEP OF KALESSIN (Norway). He is also a drum clinician and instructor who performed at the MONTREAL DRUM FEST 2011. He also got featured several drum magazines around the world, including DRUMS ETC (Canada - Sept. 2014 - magazine cover), REVOLVER (US - Aug/Sep 2015), DRUMHEADS (June/July 2016), among others.

After spending a few years touring Canada, the US and Latin America with several bands between 2007-2013, Oli joined in 2014 KATAKLYSM and itís Roman-inspired side-project EX DEO as permanent member. Heís been since touring relentlessly all around the World and spending most of his time on the road with KATAKLYSM and EX DEO. During the little time off he has from being on the road, he works with several bands from Canada and other countries as producer and mixer at PIRATE STUDIOS QUEBEC.

Besides the military-style touring schedule that Oli has with KATAKLYSM and his studio work, he is also working on solo material for an upcoming instructional drum video, featuring original material written in collaboration with DESPISED ICONís guitar player Eric Jarrin and other musicians.

Oli proudly endorses PEARL Drums, PAISTE Cymbals, ROLAND V-Drums, VIC FIRTH Sticks, AXIS Pedals, EVANS Drumheads, PURESOUND Snare Wires, SENNHEISER Microphones and Headphones, SLAPKLATZ gel dampers, MEE AUDIO in-ear monitors, The Kelly SHU Micing systems, RADIAL ENGINEERING Electronics and HUMES & BERG Drum Cases.

Official Website: www.olibeaudoin.com Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/olibeaudoinofficial Official Kataklysm website: www.kataklysm.ca‎