Larry Paterson (UK)
#Rogue Male

Paiste Artist Since Jan 2010



Born in Matamata, New Zealand has been drumming since 1983, relocating to the United Kingdom in 1988. There he spent several years in bands of different calibre and levels of achievement, drumming for the likes of thrashers Arbitrater in 1992 when they released the ‘Darkened Reality’ album. For a period of time he was ‘official helper and gear carrier’ for Cozy Powell and his drum tech Eddie Naughton during the period in which Black Sabbath recorded their ‘Forbidden’ album.parts.

Notable bands include Chokehold (releasing three albums and appearing on Channel 4 television); Blaze Bayley (two studio albums, a live double album and DVD); I.C.O.N. (one album) and now has Iron Knights as his primary band, with work ongoing for their third album. parts.

Larry also writes non-fiction histories of the Second World War, mainly related to the Wehrmacht’s role in the war, and is a Scuba diving instructor.