Jason Gerling (US)

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2009


14" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Hats Mark I
13" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Hats Mark I
15" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I
20" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Ride Mark I
16" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I


Minneapolis, Minnesota native Jason Gerling started drumming at age seven. With All-State Jazz Ensemble, drum contest winnings and professional gigs under his belt by mid high school, young Jason KNEW that drumming was his calling. PASSION!

Studying under acclaimed drummer Gordy Knudtson (Steve Miller Band), writing profound music and performing in top Minneapolis clubs since 1986 confirmed to award-winning drummer Jason that he had a promising future. Drawing from serious influences like Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl, lively Jason also believes that FUN goes hand-in-hand with passion! One of his most hilarious memories was playing an entire show with rubber chickens wrapped around his drumsticks. LAUGHTER— the best medicine! But, when a 1994 spinal cord injury decimated his musical dreams and put him in a wheelchair, it was ENCOURAGEMENT from friends, family and especially God that empowered Jason to bounce back. RESILIENCE!

Jason spent several painful yet rewarding years piecing is broken life back together. After getting married, graduating college and working in the computer graphics world for a few years, the power of music was calling him back! Jason anxiously started his own music production business, Jammin’ Grooves LLC, where a unique drumming opportunity suddenly emerged! Despite his wheelchair, Jason amassed his arsenal of PAISTE cymbals, cleverly designed his own state-of-the-art drum kit and pioneered new playing methods that catapulted him into live/session drumming, producing and composing high-profile music for big names including Bacardi, FUSE-TV, MTV, Target and Coca-Cola. REINVENTION!

Now, branded with a global mission to promote encouragement through innovative drumming and to stimulate extraordinary opportunities for artists with disabilities, Jason is back — better than ever — demonstrating that disabled artists can not only get the job done, they can still get the job, period! Jason celebrates his achievement with the release of his debut DVD, “Between The Wheels”, a must-see mini-documentary detailing his resilient journey back to the drums. Proceeds help in finding a cure for paralysis through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. ENCOURAGEMENT!

"I will never take for granted the second chance I’ve been given to radiate the power of music and encouragement from behind my drums... Hence birthing my mantra, `Think outside the box, look between the wheels, and provide an opportunity for a person with a disability!’" — Jason Gerling

For more information, visit Jason’s website at www.jammingrooves.com.