Leo Margarit (SE)
#Pain of Salvation

Paiste Artist Since Mar 2009



Born in 1981 in a musician family in the south of France, Léo Margarit started playing drums around 3 with his father and entered the local music school at 6. He moved to Montpellier at 14 to study at the National Conservatory of the Region and after 4 years he obtained degrees in classical percussions, ear training, and music chamber with best grades. In the meantime he played many concerts with the Montpellier National Philharmonic Orchestra in France and in Europe.

He also took part in some national contests in France in 1998 with the jazz fusion band Barrelhouse and won the Jazz price and the audience’s price in “Les Jeunesses Musicales Francaises” in Paris, and finished second in the same year with the same band at the jazz contest of Vannes.

After a few years spent teaching and playing concerts around Europe, Léo Margarit decided to move to Toulouse in 2005 to join the conservatory there. He’s been accepted in the jazz and drums courses. He joined the band Zubrowska at this period and started touring with them. In 2007 he played at European festivals such as The Obscene Extreme Fest (Czech Republic) in front of 6000 people, in Jazz in Marciac (France) together with the American saxophone player Dave Liebman (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Chick Corea), Hellfest (France) alongside with bands such as Dream Theater, Slayer, Megadeth and Pain of Salvation. In late 2007 Léo Margarit was named the new drummer of Pain of Salvation, a Swedish based progressive rock/metal band, an InsideOut (SPV) recording artist that have released 7 critically acclaimed albums over the years.

Léo Margarit now lives in Eskilstuna (Sweden) and works with Pain of Salvation on their upcoming record that is due to be released in 2009. They’ve toured in 2008 in Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Denmark….

Léo and Pain of Salvation will be on the Dream Theater’s Progressive Nation Tour 2009 in the USA in July/August.


2000 : Jean-Pierre Llabador – « El Bobo » (Musiquémo / MOSAIC MUSIC distribution)
2002 : L-batt et Amikisun – « Ewaka »
2003 : Bernard Margarit – « Notes de Voyages » (Bouïs Records/MOSAIC MUSIC distribution)
2004 : Christophe Roncali – « XY »
2005 : Guitariste.com – « CD Concept »
2007 : Zubrowska – « 61 »
2008 : Tania Margarit – « Elea » (Apoxis/MOSAIC MUSIC distribution)
2008 : Christophe Roncali – “Je vous laisse le reste”
2008 : Wardanz – « Wardanz » (Brennus music)