Merlin Ettore (est. 1984), third generation percussionist, is a hybrid artist performing in a frenetic, jaw dropping yet clearly genetic style.

1986: Merlin, age 2, destroys his mother's kitchenware with makeshift drumsticks.
1996: Merlin, age 12, plays his first professional gig.
2006: Merlin, age 22, has released his first album, played his fourth canadian tour, and is planning his third european.
2007: Merlin's drumming wizardry puzzles and astonishes peers, audiences and collaborators.
2009: Merlin moves to Berlin and gets implicated in the european music scene.

Merlin has a Diploma in Film studies (directing, photgraphy) and has studied electro-acoustic composition at the Montreal Music Conservatory.

Recent clients include:
A commission from the Montreal Museum of Archeology and History to compose a prelude for 6 percussionists for the 2007Port Symphonies, exclusive percussion workshop with the Cirque du Soleil executive, exclusive performance for Louis Vuitton Inc., conception and performance for McDonalds, drummer/composer and performer fro the Ark Circus, graphic design and promotional touring for the Drummer Kombat drum competition, coorporate events and special workshops for Samajam percussion school, clinic and workshop for the Montreal Society of technological Arts, clinic and workshop for Ableton Live Software, Yamaha drums and Paiste cymbals. Merlin has also worked extensively as an international promoter and event producer. He has also worked as graphic designer, photographer and film editor.

Collaborators, on stage and in studio, include:
Quebec percussion superstar Luc Boivin, jazz legend Guy Nadon, Frank Zappa's keyboardist Don Preston, King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, world renowned installation artists Dejode / Lacombe, Amon Tobin's managment head Rhyna Thompson and sound architect Nick Bugayev.

Merlin has palyed in a bass and drum duo called Metrik. They have relased an album in 2005 and have toured Canada, U.S and Europe. His previous project, furious percussion duo Blandilo, has been invited to appear at the at the Montreal Drumfest 2007 and at the Montreal Museum of Modern Art. They have released an EP in January 2008. His Latest international project [trap.], recently based in Berlin, is currently in production recording an EP schelduled for release in May 2009.

Merlin is officially endorsed by Yamaha Drums, Paiste cymbals and Ableton Software.

Currently based in Germany, he divides his time between Montreal, Berlin and Milan.