Andrew Kuhn (US)
#Wide Eye Panic

Paiste Artist Since Aug 2008


14/18" Noise Works Trash Set
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hat
10" Signature Splash
8" 2002 Splash
18" 2002 Medium
20" 2002 Medium
20" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
18" 2002 China


Andrew began playing drums at 9 years of age with no formal training. As his love for the drums progressed he understood the value of technical skill and began taking lessons. His early influences were mainly punk bands but as Andrew grew as a musician, he began playing more odd-time music.

With his new love for odd time playing and powerful grooves grew, he became a founding member of the band Wide Eye Panic which formed in 2003 and within two years they released their debut CD, “Distorted View”. Their most recent CD release was "The Process" released in April 2008.

Andrew strives to stand out in the drumming community; he is a powerful yet articulate player. Andrew's most influenced by drummers Carter Beauford, Thomas Haake, Chad Smith, Danny Carey, Steve Smith, Matthew McDonough, and Jordan Burns.