Born at Baptist Hospital on April 12, 1970 as the only child to Carol and Stewart Buckley in New Orleans, LA. Carol and Stew moved to Chalmette, La when Tommy was 3, where he sat on the throne of his first drum kit. Tommy grew up as one of a few lucky kids that was allowed into the legendary Tchoupitoulas Warehouse back in 1975! Tommy accompanied his loving parent’s till 1985, to watch and absorb phenomenal acts like BTO, UFO, Kiss, Foghat & Humble Pie to name a mind blowing few.

Tommy’s top three professed adolescent influences were Peter Criss, Phil Rudd & Tommy Lee! With his influences, natural talent and his parent’s unwavering support, Tommy’s drive to become a professional drummer became a lifestyle. Tommy began drum lessons with Mr. Ray Fransen around 1982 . During his middle and high school years Tommy excelled in honor band, snare line & jazz band. Tommy was able to bring his first band together in 1983-1984, ‘Holy Terror’! Right at the time Tommy graduated from Chalmette High School in 1988, he was a member of a Christian project from 1986-1988, ‘Divine Right’. Then, the legend continued…

In 1988, the birth of Soilent Green, with founding members, Brian Patton, Glen Rambo (RIP) & Donovan Punch, burst through the NOLA metal scene with a prevailing bevy of down trodden sounds! Soilent Green endured many hard ships, death & Hurricane Katrina that left Tommy’s childhood home in ruins. Carol and Stew were displaced and lost an irreplaceable amount of precious belongings. Tommy shared his home with them for two years while they rebuilt in Chalmette.

As Soilent Green slowed down their touring and recording, Tommy cranked things up and joined forces with the Riff Lord and legend, Kirk Windstein in 2004. Crowbar has been Tommy’s creative till the present. He has recorded with Crowbar on ‘Sever the Wicked Hand’ & ‘Symmetry in Black’ and a 2016 album not yet released. Tommy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent a prostatectomy on August 13th, 2013.

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