Dave Witte (US)
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One of the most prolific and respected drummers of heavy rock's modern era, Dave Witte and his many musical endeavors have cast a long shadow over metal and punk alike. His unique style and hardworking approach have earned him the unique distinction of being both a fan favorite and musicianís musician.

Witte's life-long passion for drumming started in middle school. Turned on to playing by his percussionist Uncle Victor, Witte traded in his BMX bike for a drum kit and never looked back. By the late eighties, before he'd even finished high school, the self-taught Witte was studying performances by Peart, Lombardo, Rudd, McBrain, and local drum hero Brandon Thomas, and had formed Human Remains.

Aided by his band mates in Human Remains, and a few years later his Discordance Axis project, Witte began pushing the limits of extremity and originality in heavy metal drumming. Incredible speed and precision were his early calling cards, and he almost single-handedly built a new archetype in extreme metal. Through the 90's, Human Remains evolved into technical-metal progenitors and Discordance Axis into what many felt was one of the fastest bands, maybe even the fastest, in any genre to date. Both are long since gone, but their impact and influence are still felt today.

Witte didn't stop there. His playing was always driven by the purest of passion for discovering music of all kinds, and he regularly cut his teeth playing, touring, and recording with bands of varying styles of rock; whether they be quirky indie, mathy prog, jazz-influenced , or any of the varying strands of modern hardcore punk that sprang up through the nineties. He even formed East West Blast Test, an improvisational, call and response track-swapping project with albums out across several labels (including Mike Patton's Ipecac Records) even though the members have never played together in the same room. With each experience came new perspective and knowledge; all would come to serve him well.

Witte formed Burnt By the Sun in early 2000 and his lengthy process of musical transformation began to bear fruit. The speed and precision were still there, but recent swing/jazz lessons brought new layers of nuance, depth, and restraint to his personal style. Music fans began gravitating to his projects on his name alone, and with those people came admirers in the form of other musicians.

Long time friends and legendary avant-garde rock band Melt Banana asked Witte to be their touring drummer, a position he accepted and that took him all over the world for the next four years. In between Melt Banana tours to the far corners of the globe, Witte kept busy writing and recording on several dozen releases including three critically acclaimed Burnt By the Sun records.

In 2002 Witte was invited (on just a few weeks notice) to play Japan's prestigious Fuji Rock Festival as part of industrial rock icon Alec Empire's new band. Dave didn't meet the band until he landed in Japan, and after a rushed, day-of-show three-song rehearsal, Empire's group blew the roof of Fuji Rock's main stage in front of over 100,000 people. The set was so stunning that Empire invited Dave back to anchor his band as part of headlining sets at the UK's famed Reading and Leeds Festivals later that summer. Dave relocated from his native New Jersey to Richmond, VA in 2003. A short time after arriving, Dave was asked to join the seminal crossover metal band Municipal Waste, who he plays with to this day.

2005 saw Soilwork draw on Dave's prowess for a similar short-notice invite, only this time to help them kick off their first ever OzzFest tour. Dave stepped in for the first show until Soilworks's full-time drummer could join them and rocked tens of thousands of new fans with the Swedes. Most recently he was invited to take part in the record-breaking Boredoms 88 Boadrum circle.

Dave has spent most of his recent time writing, recording, and touring with the critically-acclaimed Municipal Waste as well as recording one last Burnt By the Sun album. As summer '09 approaches, Witte is preparing for the release of both records and a worldwide Municipal Waste tour that includes stops at such noted festivals as Oya (Norway), Lorca (Spain), Metaltown (Sweden), OE (Czech Republic) as well as the bands third appearance at the prestigious Reading and Leeds Festivals.

As history has shown, Dave brings his tremendous drive, skill, and excitement as well as his prodigious talents to each of his projects regardless of the setting and circumstance. For up-to-the-minute news on Dave and his multitudes of projects and performances, please access www.davewitte.com