Matt KuyKendall (US)

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2007


14" Alpha Rock Hats
18" Alpha Rock Crash
10" Alpha Metal Splash
19" Alpha Rock Crash
22" Alpha Metal Ride
14" Alpha China
18" Alpha Rock China


Matt began playing the drums in 2001 at the age of 16. Inspired by aggressive music styles such as grindcore and deathmetal, Matt was heavily influenced by bands like Dying Fetus, Excruciating Terror, Slayer, and Origin. He’s always enjoyed double bass playing or any heavy and more technical side of drumming. Simply put, Matt loves the drums.

A self taught drummer, Matt never started out taking lessons; he just listened to songs and tried to play along with some of his favorite CDs. Matt quotes, “I did not get serious about playing until I started All Shall Perish in 2002 with my friends Ben and Mike. We wrote and recorded "Hate. Malice. Revenge" and did a tour with Agnostic Front, and a tour with Hate Eternal. We then went on to do the most complex and technically proficient release of our career "The Price of Existence". We toured extensively on this record and it really brought my live performance up to par. The tours included Suicide Silence, Headliner with the Faceless and Arsis, Terror, Throwdown, and Euro tours with Bleeding Through, Red Chord/Through the Eyes of the Eead, Walls of Jericho, and another headliner with Emmure and FASSW.”

Matt’s playing has always been centered around All Shall Perish and the death metal sound they go for. Much of his time is spent writing, recording and touring with ASP (All Shall Perish). With his exhausting band schedule, it does not leave much time for him to work on different styles. On the record following “Price”, Matt varied his playing by performing what is referred to as “playing for the song”, building drum parts around the piece of music and not playing a thousand double-bass notes in one phrase. ASP released "Awaken the Dreamers" in September of 2008. It sold 5,500 copies in its first week and reached number 109 on billboard's top 200.

Matt also changed his approach to performing live. “Up until this point, I had always recorded to a click but never played with one live. We wanted the songs on this new record to always come off perfect live so I felt it was a must for me to start playing every song on our new record to a click. Playing to a click has helped my playing immensely and it’s also opened up my bands sound to limitless sampling possibilities. I now try to practice as much as I can to a click and do a lot of warm up exercises before i play to get my rolls and grooves feeling natural. Practice makes perfect and perfection live is something that attracted me to the genre I play.”