Bobby Amaro (US)

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2007


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Bobby Amaro began his percussion training at the age of 7 on a used Ludwig drum set in his family’s garage in Pico Rivera, California. As a teenager, Amaro developed his performance techniques by playing alongside his father’s rock band in local bars and clubs. In 2001, he joined his first touring band, Voz de Mano and collaborated in the making of their Spanish rock/electronic album “Polen.” He also spent a good amount of time touring and performing with one of Mexico’s rising alternative rock bands, Pastilla. In 2005, Bobby Amaro graduated from Hollywood’s Musicians Institute with a certificate in Performance Percussion. Right out of school, Amaro worked on a multitude of musical projects and recorded with countless other artists in the Los Angeles area.

Since 2005, Bobby Amaro’s main concentration has been the power-pop band he has created and developed called Nude. Aside from managing the group, he has written a great portion of the music, as well as recorded and mixed to form the final products of what is now heard by fans around the globe. Playing on his DW custom kit, Amaro drums and sings harmonies in every song of Nude’s live performance. Impressively, the band has recorded two full-length albums and has spent a great deal of time touring the United States, Mexico, and Sweden. Nude also performed at the January 2008 NAMM Show.

His talent doesn’t stop at performance; in just three years, he has taught over thirteen young students by focusing on developing their musical capability and finding their own unique drumming techniques. Amaro is well known for his creative beat patterns and chameleon ability to play a wide range of drum styles with fortés in rock, drum & bass, power-pop, and funk. Bobby proudly endorses Paiste cymbals , Vic Firth drumsticks, and Evans drumheads.