Ed Bettinelli (US)

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2007


14" Signature Dark Energy Light Dark Hats Mark I
8" Alpha Thin Splash
16" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
22" Signature Traditionals Light Ride
17" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
11" Signature Traditionals Thin Splash


Ed Bettinelli has been a stylized performing and recording artist for the past 30 years. Ed's focus over the years has been on original music, with two projects signed to major record deals on Geffen and RCA records. Both of these bands involved Ed assuming most of the day to day business responsibilities along with writing and arranging contributions. Playing to coliseum capacity crowds before such acts as PAT BENETAR, BON JOVI, ASIA, AVERAGE WHITE BAND, SPLIT ENZE, THE TUBES, JACK BRUCE and many others has well defined Ed's experiences as a dynamic performer.

Recording with high profile producers such as Keith Olsen, David Thoener, Gary Lyons, David Prater and Auther Pason has contributed to his skills as a player and has added to his musical sensibility. Ed's musical background includes graduating from the Berklee College of Music, and years of private study with such instructors as Alan Dawson, Peter Erskine, Gary Burton, Al Miller, Joe Hunt and Kim Planfield, contribute to his playing and teaching philosophy. Ed operated E.K.G Music, a music house based in New York City. E.K.G. Music wrote music for film and T.V commercials.