Daniil "Stewart" Svetlov (RS)

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2006


14" PST 8 Reflector Rock Hats
17" Alpha Boomer Boomer Crash
18" Alpha Boomer Boomer Crash
19" Alpha Boomer Boomer Crash
18" Alpha Boomer Boomer China
17" PST 8 Reflector Rock Crash
18" PST 8 Reflector Rock Crash
22" PST 8 Reflector Rock Ride


Daniil Svetlov is one of most famous drummers of Russian metal scene. He is founding member of Russia's leading nu-metal band [AMATORY]. 11 years of touring in ca 200 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Kazakhstan - and they still do it loud and powerful! [AMATORY] supported Korn, Stone Sour and Slipknot on their shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, won multiple "Band of the Year", "Album of the Year" and "Song of the Year" awards on Russian Alternative Metal Prize and other music awards ceremonies.

Daniil became Drummer Of The Year in 2009 ("Musician" magazine awards).

Daniil regularly conducts workshops and drum clinics in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar and other Russian cities. He recorded 5 studio albums with [AMATORY] and 4 studio albums with other bands/side projects.