Phee Shorb (US)

Paiste Artist Since Nov 2006


22" Giant Beat Giant Beat
18" Signature Fast Crash
18" Signature Precision Thin Crash
15" Alpha Rock Hats


For nine years Phee Shorb was the man behind the kit for Christian rock act, Fireflight. Contributing to the band's grassroots uprising through the 2000s, Phee turned the heads of industry comrades and amateur drummers alike with his insanely heavy hitting. Along with Fireflight, Phee earned a Grammy nomination for the 2010 release, For Those Who Wait, while the music video for their song, "Unbreakable," has gained nearly 14 million views. Since parting ways with Fireflight, Phee has been hard at work in church and ministry world. Phee is now a pastor and a traveling speaker, but also has a passion to raise the bar for church drummers around the globe. Along with these pursuits, Phee is preparing to launch a solo music career.