Chloe Saavedra (US)
#Chaos Chaos

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2006


14" Alpha Rock Hats
20" Giant Beat Giant Beat
22" Twenty Custom Collection Full Ride


Chloe Saavedra

Chloe has been drumming since she was 5 when the drummer of Death Cab for Cutie, Jason Mcgerr, sold her a drum kit and gave her lessons at The Seattle Drum School.

Chloe has been an active member of the internationally known Smoosh who has performed on Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show and Norwegian TV. Chloe, with her sister Asy (of Smoosh) is now pursuing a new project called Chaos Chaos. Chaos Chaos just released their EP fall 2012 and has had their music video premiered on IFC and Nylon Magazine, along with interviews and reviews in Interview Magazine, You Ain't No Picasso and Bust. Bust writes: "Itís an unusual sound that is catching the music world off guard."

Chloe plays electronic drums, djembes, Hangs and a drum kit made from Brooklyn trash with Chaos Chaos. "I like to look at drumming in a free way. Nothing is banned." Chloe says in Interview Magazine "I've been getting really into using non-instruments as percussion instruments."

Chloe has had a featured spread in Tom Tom Magazine where she talks about feminism in drumming: "I think that labeling yourself as a girl drummer or a feminist girl drummer puts you in a separate category. Instead of just trying to be an awesome drummer, youíre distracting the attention from yourself musically and youíre just drawing attention to a fact. Iím a feminist because I believe in womenís rights, but as a drummer, I just believe in good drummers." - Chloe in Tom Tom Magazine

Chloe will perform with 6 other lady drummers at New York's MOMA PS1 January 6th. "I'm really excited to play at MOMA because I've never done anything without a melody in the background. I will play a trash can lid along with my Paiste cymbals, my crotale and djembe. Maybe I'll add in some more stuff too!"