Fernando Scarcella (AR)
#Rata Blanca, Hipnosis

Paiste Artist Since Nov 2005


19" Signature Full Crash
14" Signature Thin China
18" Signature Full Crash
9" Signature Traditionals Thin Splash
16" Signature Reflector Full Crash
11" Signature Traditionals Thin Splash
18" 2002 China
19" Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
8" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Splash Mark I
10" Signature Splash
22" Signature Blue Bell Ride
14" Signature Reflector Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
14" Signature Traditionals Medium Light China
22" Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
12" Twenty Mini China
18" Signature Reflector Full Crash
8" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Splash Mark I


Fernando Scarcella, drummer, producer, session musician, born in 1975 in Argentina. Musician with a long history and international experience. He began his career in 1990. Since then, he has elapsed through a great number of bands until earning a reputation and sharing projects and stages with artists as Rata Blanca, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple and Black Sabbath), Doogie White (Rainbow - Yngwie Malmsteen), Tarja Turunen (Nigthwish), Luis Salinas, Logos ,Raúl Porchetto, Alfredo Casero, Walter Giardino Temple, Adrián Barilari, among other great musicians.

His tours include countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, in some way throughout Latin America. Also the United States and the European continent. He shared stages with bands like The Offspring, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Manowar, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn.

His discography up to 2010 covers a wide versatility of musical styles and is credited with over 30 records released in Argentina and around the world. He performed with Rata Blanca and Glenn Hughes and toured around Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Spain, and released a live DVD recorded at the Gran Rex Theater, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently working on the artistic production of different bands from Argentina, and also on the production of the second album of his rock band Hipnosis, and the first album of his funk-soul band OKM. Rata Blanca undertook the project for the European continent along with Doogie White, who also recorded the band’s latest album The Forgotten Kingdom, which was released in 2010.

Fernando also proudly endorses Pearl Drums, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, and Yanquell Cases.

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