Phil Paris (CH)

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2005


15" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Hats Mark I
20" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Crash Mark I
22" Signature Dark Energy Dark Energy Ride Mark II
18" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash


Phil first picked up drumsticks at the age of five. Though proficient in several other instruments, his overriding passion is playing drums.

As a drummer, he cut his teeth by accompanying stage musicals, but soon afterwards the energy of his playing opened the way for him to join the ranks of several pop and rock bands. It was at this point in his life that he had a life-changing experience that added a spiritual dimension to his work as a musician.

He went on to study the art of playing drums in depth and gained experience internationally within various groups. To round out his expertise as a musician, he also worked on several recording projects.

Phil approaches drumming out of a heart of service. His expertise and professional attitude make him a dynamic and sought-after musician who is aware of the privilege he shares with others who are able to do what they love.