I began banging on pots and pans as early as 8 months of age, and my father, who was a musician, bought a drumset for me and my brother when I was 3 years old. I havenīt looked backed since. I started my studies at Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark at 18 years of age, between 1994-1999. While studing, I started gigging a lot around Denmark, playing live gigs and sessions. I have done several TV shows as the house band drummer (Idols, Whatīs up Dk!, Artists for Africa, Heart Galla, Top Charlie Galla, etc.).

My main gig is with Danish act Danser med Drenge. I joined the band in 2003 and have been touring extensively ever since. The music is really fun to play, and we cover many different styles ranging from Pop, Rock, to Reggae.

I do some TV work, sessions, and a lot of last minute subbing with Danish touring acts and also teach many drum students on a weekly basis.

Paiste cymbals have been a lifetime favorite and Iīm very proud to be a Paiste endorser.