Since the early days of drumming, Jesper has alway been fascinated by "the right sound." As a teenager, Jesper was constantly adding any sound source to the drumset - garbage bins, wooden boxes etc. In the late 80's / early 90's he began playing in several different Jazz/Rock Fusion bands. In 1990 Jesper visited the Paiste factory in Switzerland, spent a lovely weekend in and around Lucerne and even got to hand-hammer his own ride cymbal at the factory.

Seeing the professionalism and the enthusiasm that the Paiste employees put into their products convinced Jesper that Paiste was the right way to go to get "the right sound" - and the rest, as they say, is history.

For the past 20 years, Jesper has been working as a sideman for a large number of Danish artists in the styles of pop, rock, blues, soul and is continuously working in his own drum recording facility - providing artists with "real drum tracks from a real drummer" - always with Paiste as his preferred cymbals.




Partial Discography:

Peter Viskinde, Aargang 2012 (2012)

Peter Larsen, Citylights (2012)

Peter Viskinde, Can't Escape From You (2011)

Peter Viskinde, I Live (2011)

Peter Viskinde, Ved Naermere Eftertanke (2010)

Peter Viskinde, Good Times (2010)

Big Fat Snake, Reel One (2009)

Nellovator, Life Is Good (2008)

Nellovator, Set It Free (2007)

Peter Larsen, Nothing Left To Say (2007)